Colville Primary School

Colville Primary School

This is a warm and welcoming school in which pupils are kept safe and behave well.

Ofsted 2013

Pupils respond well to the good teaching within the school to actively participate in lessons.

Ofsted 2013

The strong leadership of the headteacher and governors has created a dedicated and enthusiastic team. Members of staff are proud to work at this school.

Ofsted 2013

Early Years Foundation Stage

The teaching of children in EYFS is good and, children make at least good progress.

Ofsted 2013

Key Stage 1:

Pupils reach standards that are now above the national average in writing and reading and well above in mathematics.

Ofsted 2013

Key Stage 2:

Pupils leave with standards that are well above the national average in reading and above in mathematics.

Ofsted 2013

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Curriculum Overview

At Colville Primary we follow the new National Curriculum. Through our teaching, we aim to help our children succeed and feel positive about themselves, so they may contribute to society as educated, happy and well-balanced young people. We believe that 'happy children learn well'.

Our classes are well staffed with teachers, teaching assistants and supporting adults.  Pupils are taught Computing, Art and Design, Design and Technology, Music and French (Years 1 to 6) by specialist teachers. We also use specialist dance and PE teachers in some lessons.  

From Year 2 to Year 6, we set Maths across the same year group, as a way of best targeting our children's needs. In Year 6, we also set children for English.

At Colville, we highly value the importance of reading and encourage our children to excel as well as enjoy it too. From Nursery to Year 2, our pupils take part in daily phonics lessons, through  'Letters and Sounds'. For further information regarding phonics please click on the link:

Two specialist reading teachers work exclusively to deliver Reading Support programmes tailored to the individual needs of children from Year 1 to Year 3. In these sessions children are given targets such as key words to work on at home. All classes from Reception to Year 6 have guided reading lessons four to five times a week. Children in KS1 and KS2 receive home reader books at their reading levels along with a reading journal that is to be completed at home.  Teaching assistants and reading volunteers also work with children in 1: 1 sessions as needed. Children are also given the opportunity to choose their own books from their classroom reading collections and from our school library. We do use books from the Oxford University Press with a phonics focus, Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby Star as well as classic fiction and non-fiction texts. At Colville we do not follow one reading scheme, instead believing that children benefit from a broad selection of books which include a variety of authors.

In writing, we believe in the use of good model texts that provide examples of excellence to inspire children. We also use 'talk for writing' which prepares children for good quality writing.

It is our firm belief that your child’s education and wider needs are best served through a close partnership between home and school. We encourage you to be involved in the learning of your child and school life. We aim to always provide a welcoming atmosphere, which encourages parents to come and discuss any matters concerning their child’s progress and welfare. We are always pleased to see you.

Ours is a happy, nurturing school with high hopes and ambitions for all our children. The teachers, staff, governors and children strive to create the conditions for everyone at the school to achieve well. At school, your child will find an organised community, in a safe setting, that fosters scope for intellectual, emotional, physical, social and moral development. In our caring and intellectually stimulating environment, we always offer praise and encouragement. We have high expectations of achievement and behaviour, so that all may thrive and enjoy their days in our school. 

To find more details on our curriculum, click on the individual year groups to see the coverage for your child's class.

If, as a parent of a pupil attending this school, you require a paper copy of the information on this website, we shall provide this free of charge.