Colville Primary School

Colville Primary School

This is a warm and welcoming school in which pupils are kept safe and behave well.

Ofsted 2013

Pupils respond well to the good teaching within the school to actively participate in lessons.

Ofsted 2013

The strong leadership of the headteacher and governors has created a dedicated and enthusiastic team. Members of staff are proud to work at this school.

Ofsted 2013

Early Years Foundation Stage

The teaching of children in EYFS is good and, children make at least good progress.

Ofsted 2013

Key Stage 1:

Pupils reach standards that are now above the national average in writing and reading and well above in mathematics.

Ofsted 2013

Key Stage 2:

Pupils leave with standards that are well above the national average in reading and above in mathematics.

Ofsted 2013

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The Arts

Introducing the Arts at Colville

Based amongst musicians and artists in vibrant Portobello, Colville Primary School enjoys collaborations with many prominent arts organisations including the Royal Albert Hall, Shakespeare School Festival and the Royal College of Music. This allows our children to work with professional radio presenters, story tellers, dancers, artists, writers, dramatists and musicians. Furthermore, we organise a vast range of events to enrich the lives of our children and our wider community. Every child has a high quality music and art lesson at Colville Primary School every week, taught by our experienced full-time specialist teachers.

Please see below for a summary of each of the Arts. 


All children at Colville School enjoy developing their ensemble skills using tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments. They also learn to evaluate their own work and are introduced to composing and improvising at the end of KS1. Much of our learning focuses on vocal work.

By the end of year six, all pupils have had the chance to play violin, guitar, trumpet and keyboard from a specialist. We currently offer recorder, clarinet, mixed brass, KS1 and KS2 singing, flute and saxophone in after school clubs. Many trips and events are regularly organised.   


In art, all of our children have the opportunity to explore their artistic skills in the specialist art room along with excellent resources and a dedicated teacher. Our children have artistic flair and this is because they have the opportunity to shine and develop their skills. An example of this is when we had our whole school fashion show.


Dance is taught to pupils by a professional in their PE lessons for one half term each year. Pupils can further develop these skills in breakdance, provided by the 'The Flying Gorillas' and ballet in after school clubs.  


We realise the value and celebrate the achievements of all performing arts at Colville Primary School. Drama is studied within the English curriculum as well as in a range of exciting projects and after school activities. This allows students to develop the skills to be able to hold an audience while creating a believable portrayal of various characters within a range of styles.