Colville Primary School

Colville Primary School

This is a warm and welcoming school in which pupils are kept safe and behave well.

Ofsted 2013

Pupils respond well to the good teaching within the school to actively participate in lessons.

Ofsted 2013

The strong leadership of the headteacher and governors has created a dedicated and enthusiastic team. Members of staff are proud to work at this school.

Ofsted 2013

Early Years Foundation Stage

The teaching of children in EYFS is good and, children make at least good progress.

Ofsted 2013

Key Stage 1:

Pupils reach standards that are now above the national average in writing and reading and well above in mathematics.

Ofsted 2013

Key Stage 2:

Pupils leave with standards that are well above the national average in reading and above in mathematics.

Ofsted 2013

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Homework Help

 We believe that a carefully balanced homework programme is beneficial for children for the following reasons:

  • To give parents opportunities to be directly involved in their child’s learning
  • To reinforce the partnership between home and school
  • To consolidate skills learnt in school and give opportunities to extend learning

If you need support to help your child with their homework, please speak to their class teacher.

Each half term the children are asked to do a project on a theme they are studying in school.  Below are a number of websites that offer information. There are also revision websites to help children get ready for any tests that are going on in school. 

NOTE: While we have taken time to pick out websites that we see suitable and safe for our children, Colville Primary is not responsible for the content found on these sites.


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Homework Help

Homework help has a great information site. You can find information on any subject here - perfect for a research project or good to browse and brush up on general knowledge skills. 

 Click to go to National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

This website is packed with information about Geography and Science.  

Click for Science Museum

Science Museum

The Science Museum has a great section with information on different subjects like transport, computers and more. There are also links to different objects in the museum as well as the latest science news. 

 Click for Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum has a children's section with lots of information on dinosaurs as well as other areas.

 Click for KS2 Bitesize

KS2 Bitesize Revision

Encourage your child to use this website to help with revision for any tests in English, Maths or Science. It is aimed at Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.  

Click for KS1 BitesizeKS1 Bitesize Revision 

This site is for year 1 and 2 to revise and practice their learning. It is also great for older pupils who want to make sure they have the basic skills. There are English and Maths activities on here as well as games.

 Click for Newsround


Newsround is a BBC News website for children. There are lots of videos and articles to help children keep up-to-date on what is going on in the world around them.   Sections include Sport, Entertainment, Animals and News. 

 Click for ehomework


Another homework help website. There are lots of great articles on how to help your child with different aspects of their education, from handwriting, to SATs preparation. 

 Click for BEAM maths

BEAM: Free Resources 

 This link will take you to the Free Resources section of the BEAM website. BEAM stands for 'Be a Mathematician'. The resources are great to help children with their mathematical understanding.