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‘Language teaching should provide the foundation for learning further languages, equipping pupils to study and work in other countries.’                                                                                 

The National Curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages 

French is taught once a week from year 1 to 6 by a qualified teacher who is a native speaker. Conversation is at the center of our French teaching. For that reason, we use the immersion method switching from French to English as little as possible. 

To support the children’s understanding of the language, we use actions, intonation, facial expressions and other visual aids. Children learn French through songs, fun games, stories and conversation. We equip the children with sentence structures that they can use in different situations and across year groups.

Languages allow us to learn about another culture and another part of the world which is why we spend time learning about the French culture and comparing it to ours.  

At Colville, we celebrate all languages and build on community by comparing languages and finding differences and similarities between them. We celebrate new words in different languages on our Language Walls in each class every week.  

French Overview 

Colville Primary won first place in the French Pop Video Competition 2019 7-11 age category